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P906 engine

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International DSB coach Class AU v.2+3

3D model for Open Rails / MSTS

Here you can for free download the installation program, and the related ReadMe-file for preview

DSB Coach Class AU403
Final wagon epoch II

DSB's Class AU from 1932 in riveted steel, which ran on international express trains between Denmark, Germany and Sweden. DSB's first steel wagons.

Epoch II and III editions. In epoch II the cars had both vacuum and compressed air brakes, in epoch III only compressed air.

3 variants from epoch II with vacuum brakes, and 3 with compressed air. 3 variants from epoch III with compressed air only.

The variants are designed to drive at the front, intermediate or rear of a consist.

1st, 2nd and 3rd class in epoch II, 1st and common class in epoch III.

Out of service in the '60s.

Picture Links

AU v.2 Side View
Side view
AU v.2 Canopies
AU v.2 Interior
AU v.2 Ferry Bracket
Ferry bracket
AU v.2 Final Wagon Epoke III
Final wagon epoch III

Download Links

Installation program for DSB Coach Class AU v.2+3, 13,517 KB

Related ReadMe document in pdf format, 5,089 KB