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P906 engine

Dansk 🇩🇰

Steam Shunter DSB F469 v.6 for Open Rails / MSTS

Here you can for free download the installation program, and the associated ReadMe-file for preview

DSB (Danish State Railways) steam shunter Class F, now with air brakes.

The F Class engine was DSB's main shunter until the diesel era in the 50s. They were robust and easy operated. 120 engines were build in the years 1898 to 1949.

This engine F469 was build in 1909. Originally it had steam brakes (see v.5), but they were changed to air brakes in 1951.

The last F-engines were discarded in the 60s. 10 engines still exist and are used for vintage train rides.

Demo Video

Picture Links

F469 v.6 frontview
F469 v.6 backview
F469 v.6 valve gear
Valve Gear
F469 v.6 cabview
F469 v.6 cabview right
Cabview Right
F469 v.6 cabview backwards
Cabview Backwards
F469 v.6 nightcab
F469 v.6 nightcab right
Nightcab Right

Download Links

Installation program for DSB F469 v.6 steam engine, 26,317 KB

Associated ReadMe document in pdf-format, 4,098 KB