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P906 engine

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DSB Epoch II Snowplough Version 2

3D model for Open Rails / MSTS

Here you can for free download the installation program, and the associated ReadMe-file for preview

DSB Epoch II Snowplough Version 2 with cone of light

Model for Open Rails / MSTS of DSB snowplough from 1879 - 1912.

4 variants with different hometowns.

Can be used with both vacuum and air braked equipment.

Equipped with light. Unfortunately, it cannot illuminate the track, because in MSTS only locomotives can.

Fortunately, you can fix this problem with a small trick, which is described in the associated ReadMe file.

Picture Links

Snowplough v.2 front
Front view
Snowplough v.2 rear
Rear view
Snowplough v.2 light
Snowplough v.2 cone of light
Cone of light
Snowplough v.2 variants

Download Links

Installation program for DSB Epoch II Snowplough v.2,   6,041 KB

Associated ReadMe document in pdf-format,   2,363 KB